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                ADAS Lens ADAS Lens Wireless communication module Wireless communication module communication  back-up power Lithium battery manamgement system communication back-up power Lithium battery manamgement system Front-mounted DAB + module DB-MNA1 (single antenna) Front-mounted DAB + module DB-MNA1 (single antenna)


                      Shinwa Industries (China) Ltd.(SIC) ,founded in 1986, is a joint venture between China and Hong Kong, with a registered capital of usd19.5 million.
                      Mainly produces and sells on-board lens (covering ADAS system, backup rear-view system and surround-view system); car audio CD/DVD core; special modules of wireless communication, digital broadcasting, and other on-board video entertainment systems; (lithium) battery management system; non-standard automation equipment; manufacturing and processing CD/DVD head for HLDS (Hitachi Le Golden Light Technology Co., Ltd.); Shenzhen Huawei and other communication and electronic enterprises process various communication and electronic products. The performance and quality of the products have reached the advanced international level and are well sold in domestic and foreign markets.

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                Our Strength

                Core concept---“Based on credit and harmony, and customer first”
                Shinwa has become one of the major manufacturers in the development, design and manufacture of machine core in the world.